“It’s really disappointing”

It was an understandably disappointed Liam McIvor who spoke after Saturday’s 3-1 FA Cup defeat at Bridlington. The Bay assistant manager told us “It’s really disappointing if I’m honest. We started the game well, had a good first 20 minutes but them made a bad mistake for the first goal. They just didn’t look like scoring up until then.”

The very dry weather has made it difficult to get pitches in the best condition and as McIvor pointed out, the hard uneven surface made ball control tricky at times. “For the second goal, the ball took a bad bounce. It wasn’t Dan’s fault it was just an unfortunate bobble. A couple of times the touches weren’t there and the ball kept bobbling up and coming off shins.”

“We gave ourselves a mountain to climb after half time, but second half I thought we applied ourselves a lot better. It was a poor goal to give away from a set piece, we should know better. But we gave ourselves a little bit of a lifeline with the penalty from Malky.  We made the three subs and I thought they impacted the game well. We took the game to them a lot more; young Joe Forbes looked very lively. He’s going to be a cracking player. We’ve just got to monitor him, dip him in and out and make sure he doesn’t overdo it. Dan Wilds had come on and did well and he’s another brilliant prospect.

“Several players were unavailable but I think everyone’s got the problem of player absences during the school holidays. People have got families and are away so I think we’re all going to have this issue for the next few weeks.”

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