Party at the Bay proves a success

Whitley's first music festival 'Party at the Bay' was clearly a great success, well supported on both days and as the clear up work was about to begin, Seahorse pub manager and Whitley Bay FC club director David Styles said plans were already being made for a bigger event next year.

"After this weekend's successes we are looking ahead to dates in May 2023. It was always agreed that this year's festival was a trial event. It was well attended so the proposal for next year will be a music festival over three days with a family day on the Sunday.

"Across this weekend we attracted more than 600 people and I would personally like to thank everyone who supported us and helped organise the event. It is often overlooked how much time and effort goes into the overall planning and running. It's astonishing how much background work is involved. I'm really looking forward to next year's music festival and excited for what we can create."

We would also like to thank the bands and solo artists for entertaining the crowds and making it such a successful and enjoyable weekend.

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