“It’s a defeat but it’s not a disgrace”

Manager Derek Forrest gave us his thoughts after the Northumberland Senior Cup defeat at Morpeth Town.

“It was a difficult night, we knew that we’d have to score an early goal to cause a bit of an upset. They’re a good side and they played good football on their surface, a surface we’re probably not used to but all in all they were good value for money especially in the first half. They had loads of possession, they played with a good tempo, regained the ball quickly. Even though we went in 3-0 down at half time we had three chances and if we’d taken them that could have made a difference. You can give players as much belief as you want from a management side but it comes from them and it comes from scoring goals and it comes from success.

“At half time we were thinking we’ve got some work to do. We talked about keeping the ball way better and making it more difficult for them. We’ve done a bit of that and we’ve probably bossed the possession second half. They’ve probably dropped off a bit, especially after their fourth goal. It was a case of us going for goal when the right opportunities came. Second half, we kept possession better, we made a couple of chances but nothing to threaten their lead.  4-0’s a big defeat but off a team two divisions above us it’s not a disgrace, so the lads are still upbeat. They’ve had a good workout tonight, good passing exercise, defending exercise and that’ll all help us in the future. It’s pleasing that all the subs made a positive contribution and we’re getting to that stage now where the squad will be confident to rely on the bench and when the bench is called for they’ll have to take their performances upwards. We’ve been through that difficult period so we’re quite hopeful now and we can’t be too upset. Of course we’d like to do well in the Senior Cup but it was a tough draw for sure. We’d love to have been in the next round with a home game against Blyth but we’re not too disappointed, and that workout will help us in the coming weeks.”

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