“There was nothing in it for 70 minutes”

Speaking shortly after Saturday’s defeat at Shildon, Bay assistant manager Liam McIvor admitted he was struggling to explain how the game turned so suddenly and decisively. “There was nothing in it for 70 minutes and then just four goals in a very short space of time. We were controlling it. We had a great chance just after half time, should have gone 1-0 up and if that goes in, it totally changes the game. I’ve got no words for what happened. But we’ll bounce back!”

“They had a penalty which I thought was dubious, but Harrison made a great save to push it over. He had a great game, he’s not had a bad game since he arrived.  But there’s not a lot you can say after that. Once they scored then it’s just spiralled.”

Looking at the positives to come from the game he added “The positives are we’ve got players coming back all the time. Elliott (Day) played well, obviously he was going to tire because it was the first 90 minutes he’d had in 6 weeks. Then we’ve got Eddie coming in, there’s Jos, Cameron Brewis coming back today as well so there’s massive positives there.”

Whitley have done well against mid and lower table sides but he admitted “We need to do better against the top teams. We’ve had some good results and have put ourselves in a great position but we need to do better against teams like Shildon at the top of the table.”

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