“All round a disappointing day”

Speaking after the 4-0 defeat at Redcar Athletic, Bay manager Nick Gray said he felt there were key moments in the game that did not go his side’s way.

“It was a disappointing result, all round a disappointing day. We had some good chances before they went ahead. We had a cross that’s come in from Harvey and the keeper’s palmed it and it gone to their player and he’s cleared it. They’ve had a shot, our keepers palmed it and it went straight to their player and that’s the difference. There were moments in the game went it went in their favour and it didn’t go in our favour. At 3-0 you’re fighting an uphill battle but the lads came out well second half. The penalty - from where I was standing, Michael got the first touch of the ball. Where the referee was, he was behind Michael so I don’t know how he could give that penalty from where he stood, but the less said about the officials the better.

“Redcar, they’re a team in progress, going the right way. We knew that, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game and it certainly wasn’t. Well played to them, the moments went in their favour, they did well and they got their just rewards.

“Second half we came out and had some half chances, good chances. It was a bad day at the office. I’m not taking anything away from Redcar they thoroughly deserved the three points over the 90 minutes. Yes we played Thursday. As a team we were disappointed that the club wouldn’t let us play on Wednesday. I’m not making any excuses but playing two games in that distance is tough, but we’ve got a week before we go again next week. We’ll continue to try and progress and concentrate on ourselves and let’s see where we get to. We’ve got a free week this week and hopefully we’ll have a full squad next week because were not carrying the biggest squad. The lads are all dejected today but they’ve just got to take it on the chin and go again.”

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